Association of Computer Professionals in Education
Association of Computer Professionals in Education

2011 Conference - IT to the Rescue!

Keynote Speakers

photo of Cameron Evans

Cameron Evans

As the first NTO and CTO of Microsoft Education, Cameron Evans is responsible for shaping and executing Microsoft Corp.'s technology and policy strategy in US education. Evans chairs Microsoft's Higher Education Advisory Group and K12 Advisory Group for connecting customer insights into Microsoft's industry engagement. Evans focuses his work principally on large, complex and strategic innovation for public and private schools in K12 and higher education, museums, libraries, research universities and academic medical centers across the nation.

Before joining Microsoft, Evans was a K12 CIO and cabinet-level executive. A US Air Force veteran, he holds a bachelor's degree in management computer information systems from Park University. He enjoys songwriting and producing music. Evans blogs at and you can find him on Facebook at higher.innovation and on Twitter at higherinnov8ion.

photo of Jaime Casap

Jaime Casap

Jaime Casap is an Education Evangelist at Google, inc., a provider of search technology based in Mountain View, CA. In his role on the Google Apps for Education Team, Jaime is responsible for evangelizing Google Apps to education institutions, especially in the K12 space. He is responsible for signing state level agreements with Oregon, Iowa, Colorado, and New York, bringing cloud based technology tools to millions of students and teachers in K12. He is also working with a number of Education Reform Organizations, bringing the technology perspective to improving education in the U.S.

Before working with K12 institutions, Jaime worked with universities and colleges, including all the universities in Arizona, University of Minnesota, Montana State University, and many more, bringing Google Apps for Education to the higher education space.

Previously, Jaime was part of Charles Schwab's Talent Management and Development Team and worked directly under their CIO. Before joining Charles Schwab, Jaime was an Experienced Manager at Accenture for six years, where he consulted on organizational strategy and human performance in the Electronics and High Tech Industry. Jaime also served a role on Governor Cuomo's Welfare Reform Task Force. Jaime holds a Bachelor's Degree from the State University of New York at Brockport and a Master’s in Public Policy from Arizona State University.

In addition to his role at Google, from time to time, Jaime is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University's School of Public Programs, where he teaches classes in Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Innovation.

Jaime serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for New Global Citizens, a non-profit that educates, equips and mobilizes young people to help solve the greatest challenges faced by communities around the world. Jaime also serves on the Arizona STEM Education Program Advisory Board and is a member of the Digital Education Council, an organization led by Jeb Bush and Bob Wise to improve digital education in the United States.

Keynote Address: Innovation in Education

We have been talking about integrating technology in education for a number of years. What is different this time is that students are growing up with technology all around them, except in school. where they spend the majority of their time. We will cover why bringing technology into education is critical, what skills we should develop with technology, and also look at where technology in education will be in just a few years.


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