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Instructional Leadership/Pedagogy

 Getting Social with Students
Let's face it, kids are social and they want to connect!  They want to connect with each other, with their teachers, with their school at large.  This will be a discussion on the use of social-networking tools with students to engage them in learning.  We take a look at how some schools are using social-networks to communicate with students as well as the school community at large.  Come with ideas to share, questions on how to get started, and be ready to take a look at social-networks through the eyes of kids today.
Presenter:  Jeff Utecht, Educator, Consultant, Author

 The Flipped Classroom
When content is free and accessible to students anywhere and anytime how do we flip the instruction in our classroom to take advantage of anywhere anytime learning?  This session will discuss the pedagogy behind reverse instruction along with examples of how teachers are flipping their classrooms to take advantage of the web and the resources it has to offer.
Presenter:  Jeff Utecht, Educator, Consultant, Author
 Never Say Never:  Making the IPad Accessible for Students with Vision, Orthopedic, Hearing, or Learning Disabilities
This workshop will demonstrate how to configure the iPad for students with disabilities, along with suggestions for useful apps for those students.  Participants who bring an iPad, will have an opportunity to try out the accessibility settings during the workshop.  The content presented in this workshop will also be available in a series of videos that can be viewed, or downloaded from the web.  The videos demonstrate how to use the various accessibility settings, and can be freely used for review, or staff training.
Presenter:  Bruce Alter, PT, PSC