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 Policy Got You Confused?
Need to understand the changes to CIPA?  Want to know what student information schools can release and not run afoul of FERPA?  Got a question on network policy?  Defuse your confusion!  Julia Fallon and Dennis Small from the EdTech Office at Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Carla Wade from the Oregon DOE have the answers and some friendly, non-legal advice.
Presenters:  Dennis Small, OSPI, Julia Fallon, OSPI, Carla Wade, ODOE

 Technology Impacts + Opportunities: A Close Look at Common Core State Standards & Smarter Balanced Assessments
What happens to the technology infrastructure in schools when the state adopts an online, adaptive assessment system and promotes a complete overhaul of academic standards?  We take a close look at the technological impacts and capacity concerns emerging now as Oregon and Washington prepare for the Smarter Balanced Assessments in 2014-15 and schools bring Common Core State Standards into the classroom.  Join the discussion!  We'll open up a conversation that explores the potential opportunity to connect technology fully to curricula, instruction and assessment.  And, we'll examine the issues around tech support, student proficiency with technology and the move to a 21st century skill set.
Presenters: Dennis Small, OSPI, Julia Fallon, OSPI, Carla Wade, ODOE

 CoSN CETL Certification
CoSN CETL certification for CTO/Directors.  While technology has had a trans-formative impact on our society, the influence of technology to improve and innovate learning in our nation's schools has not kept up.  To resolve this gap, CoSN set out to identify the knowledge and skills needed by education technology leaders and developed the Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO.  Dr. John Vaille has played a role in development of this rigorous certification.  Hear the benefits and focus of the exam certification.
Presenters:  Dr. John Vaille, Sandy Maynard, CTO Sumner School District

 FERPA 101 and FERPA 201
Presenter:  Baron Rodriquez, 

 When Data Lives Everywhere
Smartphones and tablets are driving an "always connected" expectation.  Employees are demanding access to their files anywhere, anytime, and from any device.  To solve this problem, users are turning to file-sharing solutions outside of the data center.  This session will explore this "Shadow IT" issue and brainstorm solutions when data lives everywhere.