Association of Computer Professionals in Education
Association for Computer Professionals in Education

2012 Conference - IT in the Game!

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Conference Sponsorship Information

Vendor Participation: Sponsorship

Vendors may participate in ACPE through conference sponsorship. Depending on the level of sponsorship, opportunities for exposure, recognition and discussion with attendees will vary. Conference sponsorship is intended to include related expenses, including food and beverages for hospitality, some lodging for vendor representative(s) and more. The number and reach of benefits vary by sponsorship level. By structuring the sponsorship levels in this way, there is no "nickel-and-diming" of additional costs (e.g. lodging, on-site food, etc.) It will also allow you to focus on the presentation of your showcase, not on making arrangements for food and beverages. If you need special billing arrangements, please indicate your requirements in detail on your sponsor application. See the guide for all sponsorship level information and benefits.

Additional Vendor Attendees/Non-Sponsoring Vendor Attendees

ACPE encourages sponsors to attend the conference sessions, meals, and networking events beyond the showcase night(s) to maximize your investment and networking opportunities with participants. In addition to observing which sessions are popular and which are not, hearing from attendees (and participating alongside of them) at sessions is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of K–12 education technology in the Northwest.

NON-SPONSORING VENDORS: For vendors who are not sponsoring, registering as a non-sponsor vendor is the only option for attending the conference. The fee for non-sponsor vendors is $1,500 per person.

ADDITIONAL SPONSOR ATTENDEES: Anyone from your company attending the conference, not using one of the included free/discounted registrations, must register and pay the regular participant fee to attend.

SPONSOR REFUNDS: A minimum of 20% of the sponsorship fee is required to reserve an ACPE sponsorship. If the vendor chooses to cancel prior to February 1, 20% of the total sponsorship fee shall be retained with the balance refunded to the vendor. If the vendor cancels after February 1, there will be no refund.