Association of Computer Professionals in Education
Association for Computer Professionals in Education

2012 Conference - IT in the Game!

Providing all the clues

Wednesday Garage Workshops

Have lunch with your peers and spend time in facilitated, hands-on collaborative workshops. Members will share and work with each other around these topics:

Wednesday, 12:15–2:55 p.m.

1) Computer Forensics – A look at the tools and the processes 
The right way to do it. Although computer forensics is most often associated with the investigation of a wide variety of computer crime, it may also be used in civil proceedings. The discipline involves similar techniques and principals to data recovery, but with additional guidelines and practices designed to create a legal audit trail. Kent School District technical staff will guide attendees through the steps of forensic discovery.

2) BYOD: No really! - Bring your own device
Simulate an educational environment where every tool that you have can be used in an educational environment. Leaders from two districts are utilizing a variety of devices to demonstrate how different technology can be used in your environment. Like the title says - Bring you own device!

3) Windows Server 2008 R2 - Direct Access/Unified Access Gateway 
Improvement in R2! New virtualization capabilities, reduced power consumption, a new suite of management tools and new Active Directory capabilities, security enhancements and performance improvements! This session will focus on what this will mean to you in your Windows Server environment.

4) Devices of the future - now available! Making the classroom interactive
Technologies such as DVDs and TV are classic examples of interactive media devices. Interactive media: videogames, social media, virtual reality, and digital media are now being used in the classroom. Come and see what is going on!


Wireless 'Shootout'

Wednesday, 12:00–12:40 p.m. or 12:45–1:25 p.m. or 1:30–2:10 p.m.

Here is an opportunity to learn what sets apart each of these wireless options.  Learn, ask questions, and get the information you need directly from the vendors.  

ARUBA - Red Alder

CISCO - Douglas Fir

ENTERASYS - Altitude Resturant

MOTOROLA - Pacific Maple

RUCKUS - Osprey

Wednesday Sponsor Preconference Seminars

Wednesday, 3:00–3:55 p.m.

Atomic Learning                                                                                                                                       Challenged to provide professional development on effective technology integration?  Join this informative session to hear how Shelby Reynolds, Manager for Instructional Technology and Library Services at Northshore School District (Bothell, WA), uses a single, simple online training solution to bring close to 1,000 teachers up-to-speed on relevant classroom technologies while supporting efforts to fulfill district effective technology integration goals.  In this session, learn how Reynolds researched and evaluated professional development solutions and see the measured impact of selected online, just-in-time, professional development solution (Atomic Learning) has had on the district.

This presentation will focus on how the Fortigate security appliances has helped several schools in the PacNW to consolidate multiple security vendor's solutions into a more cost effective, easy to manage technology giving them a single window from which they can see all user traffic, threats, bandwidth consumption and application usage in real-time.  Joining Fortinet in this round-table discussion to share their knowledge and experience on this topic will be IT professionals from: Camas SD, Vancouver SD, Sumner SD, Central Valley SD, and Kent SD.

Graybar:  AMX SchoolView-Providing Clues to Integrated Campus Communication                                  AMX SchoolView Solutions are built for your biggest needs, whatever your campus size.  The Unified Campus solution takes advantage of existing school data networks consolidates clock, additional access point for viewing existing networked video security camera from a convenient control panel, typically installed in the school's main office or via any authorized web browser.  Inside the classroom, the Unified Campus solution extends to include monitoring and intuitive control of classroom multimedia devices, such as projectors, audio amplifiers, DVD players, CATV tuners, document cameras and more.

Impulse Point                                                                                                                                     "Solving the Mystery of BYOD: What is it, Who's Done it, and How"  The BYOD influence is affecting your network in ways you may not have considered: device and user identification, malware control, remediation, and bandwidth limitations, how to deal with District owned assets vs. personal staff/student devices.  Your netowrk team must strike a balance between the benefits of providing network access and enhancing learning with maintaining security levels and accptable use policies.  Hear directly from districts implementing BYOD about what they considered and how they're managing network security.  Then join the Q/A to get real answers and lessons learned from actual users.

Wednesday Sponsor Preconference Seminars

Wednesday, 4:00–4:55 p.m.

With the Release of System Center 2012, Microsoft has improved upon their Monitoring and Management software giving customers a simplified way to manage their environment.  With the new features and simplified licensing structure, Microsoft gives IT departments the tools they need when they need them.  With this release Microsoft covers all aspects of your IT infrastructure from Desktop and Mobile Device Management to Data Center automation.

As districts continue to expand the game - they ask IT to play harder with the same or fewer players on the bench.  Take over your "homecourt", The Datacenter!  Through unique Unified Computing services and a Unified Fabric architectural approach, Cisco can address those increasing service and application needs.  We'll discuss how districts like Hillsboro SD have added agility and process efficiencies and are now positioned to more easily address expanding server, storage, and networking needs brought on by new services such as VDI... All while reducing the environmental footprint and simplifying what could be a complex management challenge'll see how Cisco help you take back full homecourt advantage!

High quality video throughout the district is a game changer.  Join Ednetics and Hermiston School District as we look at a cohesive approach to implementing a district wide video plan.  We will cover the preparation and design of the network for video, video distribution as well as the successful use of video in a BYOD environment.

Join GroupLink to learn helpdesk best practices, including a single point of contact, an easy end user experience, the need for a web-based solution, opening lines of communication (email integration), keeping end users in the loop, and more.  By attending this session, you will also learn recent trends in helpdesk software including access via mobile devices (iPone, iPad, Android), workflow management, asset management (ZENworks and internal asset management), ACPE, 24x7 support, and more.


The use of personal devices can inspire innovation and have huge productivity benefits.  Adopting acceptable use policies, providing access to district applications and ensuring assets are protected and secured while preventing mobile applications from consuming valuable bandwidth is a must.  How do you develop a mobility strategy and architecture that provides work-life integration while maintaining IT operations?  This session discusses the real world drivers and pain points mitigated by VDI:  

  • Business Case & Justification Methodology for BYOD
  • Financial Considerations & decision points across technology, process and people
  • Addressing Security & Compliance while Maintaining Information Availability Use Case Scenarios

Thursday Sessions

1) Cascade Technology Alliance: 
CTA is the creation of a new organization focused on technology related services.  This organization is created through the participation of the Columbia Gorge ESD, Multnomah ESD, Northwest Regional ESD, and Willamette ESD technology departments.  The technology staff from these ESD's have combined to form a single organized group that serve their constituent districts, as well as provide service to others in need of technology solutions.  Come hear lessons learned, pitfalls and successes as we have moved along the path of four separate ESD's into a single functioning organization.  Presenter:  Don Wolff, Cascade Technology Alliance

2) ACPE Member's Wireless Panel
You heard from the vendors on Wednesday.  Come hear from our peers about what is happening with wireless in school districts.  Repeats.  Presenters:  John Goucher, Hillsboro SD; Bruce Rupprecht, Beaverton SD; Steve Bratt, Vancouver SD

3) SharePoint and Workflows
SharePoint and workflows can be used to consistently manage common business processes within your organization. Come prepared to share your questions and solutions around implementing SharePoint and workflows.  Presenter:  Jim Harrington, Hillsboro SD

4) iPad/iPod Implementation Panel
Come hear from a variety of districts on their research, planning and the logistics of implementing iPads/iPods in their district.  We have representatives of districts of various sizes and stages in the process represented.  This is a repeated session, the topic is the same but will have different panelists at each session.  Presenters Session One:  Rick Pass and Jon Tienhaara, Naselle SD; Jeff Hogan, Snoqualmie Valley SD; Rober Silva, Hermiston SD

5) Loosening the Wires:  BYOD Changes Nothing... and Everything!
Vancouver Public Schools strategically unclenched to allow students and teachers to bring their own devices into the classroom and provide wi-fi access to them.  The sky didn't fall.  More importantly, students and teachers are beginning to think differently about how technology can support student learning.  Hear about lessons learned, best practices and suggestions for implementation.  Presenter:  Steve Bratt, Vancouver SD 

6) Google Apps for Education
Google Apps for Education:  When you think Google Apps, do you, ads, and data scraping?  Do you think it means losing Oregon K-12 tech jobs to Google?  Do you think it doesn't make a difference in the classroom?  Or it's maybe a distraction?  We wondered about all of this too, initially.  We've learned a lot since then though, and will share success stories from around the state - from technology directors, systems administrators, and teachers in our schools.  We'll also do some hands-on demos of the latest and coolest features.  Presenters:  Rachel Wente-Chaney, High Desert ESD; Corin Richards, Willamette ESD

7) Social Media Legalities
Come learn about policies and procedures you should consider as your deistrict begins to deal with social media realities.  The speaker in this session is a lawyer who specializes in these new issues and will provide information about concerns being raised.  Presenter:  Charles P.E. Lietch, J.D. - Patterson Buchanan Fobes Leitch & Kalzer, Inc., PS

8) Data Center Redesign
Standard design, best practices, datacenter load, temperature control, airflow, electrical, equipment selection, lighting, etc... we can go on and on... all the key elements in making your data center the best!  Presenter:  James Jung, PPS

9) Managing and Implementing Google Docs
We all know what we can do with Google.Docs, so in this session we can find out how it is implemented in a School District and then how to manage it.  Good stuff!  Presenter:  Mark Elliott, Bethel SD

10) CoSN CETL Certification for CTO/Directors
While technology has had a transformative impact on our society, the influence of technology to improve and innovate learning in our nation's schools has not kept up.  To resolve this gap, CoSN set out to identify the knowledge and skills needed by educational technology leaders and developed the "Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO"  John Vaille has played a role in development of this rigorous certification.  Hear the benefits and focus of the exam certification.  Presenter:  John Vaille, Lake Washington SD

11) eSIS is going away.  Where are we?
A year ago ACPE brought in five SIS vendors to provide information to districts needing to implement a new system.  A year later consortiums and districts are moving forward to implement new student information systems.  Come hear about the process and see what is happening related to the SIS replacement projects.  Presenters:  Rachel Wente-Chaney High Desert ESD, Rick Wahlstrom NW Regional ESD, Kevin Johnson, Fife SD

12) Gaming in the Classroom
You heard from our keynote speaker, you know it is happening in your classrooms. Using gaming in educational settings opens the doors for new possibilities in teaching and learning. Come see a practical demonstration! Session repeats on Friday.  Presenter:  Josh Caldwell, NorthShore SD

13) MDM – Mobile Device Management
Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous and applications are flooding the market making MDM of growing importance to you and your organization. Come to this session and get information on the current MDM offerings to help you the rest of this year and to plan for the next!  Session repeats Friday.  Presenter:  Thuan Ngyyen, Kent SD

14) Digital Forensics
What do you do when a suspected cyber crime occurs? Come hear an expert from the Regional Crime and Forensics Lab speak on digital forensics, how evidence should be preserved, how it is extracted, and what are practical applications in a school setting.  Presenter:  Phil Slinkard - Special Agent FBI

15) ACPE Member's Wireless Panel
You heard from the vendors on Wednesday.  Come hear from your peers about what is happening with wireless in Schools districts.  Each platform is reviewed.  Presenters:  John Goucher, Hillsboro SD; Bruce Rupprecht, Beaverton SD

This open discussion forum will build on the interest of the membership.  Watch for the growing list of topics as those develop.  This is a great opportunity to network with peers about topics that are important to you.  Attendees will decide on four topics via the ACPE moodle.F


Friday Sessions

1) Keynote Follow-up: Rob Hutter  -  "Educational Graph"
Learn more about The Educational Graph in this keynote followup.  Presenter:  Rob Hutter, Managing Partner of Learn Capital

2) MDM - Mobile Device Management (session two)
Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous and applications are flooding the market making MDM of growing importance to you and your organization.  Come ot this session and get information on the current MDM offerings to help you the rest of this year and to plan for the next!  Presenter:  Thuan Nguyen, Kent SD

3) Reshaping Your Network Future
This panel discussion will provide information about technical changes now being implemented. The discussion will cover packet shaping, filtering, bandwidth increases, everything to do with managing networks that are BYOD, video streaming, games, etc. Whew!  John Goucher, Hillsboro SD; Jacob Shaw, Springfield PS; Andreeves Ronser, Mercer Island SD

4) Back to the Drawing Board  Rethinking Policy and Practice in the Age of Social Media
Being a technology leader in a 21st century leaning environment requires a different approach than that of traditional industry, yet many in education base their policies and practice on corporate principals, false assumptions, and a general misunderstanding of the law.  In this session we'll learn what laws like CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA actually require and discover a progressive approach to policy and practice that opens up networks and empowers students and teachers to participate in and take responsibility for technology in the learning space.  Presenter:  Jim Klein, Director Information Services & Technology, RHCE, LPIC, NCLA, NCDTS, CNE, Saugus Union SD

5) iPad/iPod Implementation Panel (session two)
Come hear from a variety of districts on their research, planning and the logistics of implementing iPads/iPods in their district.  We have representatives of districts of various sizes and stages in the process represented.  This is a repeated session, the topic is the same, but will have different panelists at each session.  Presenters:  Mike Wiliams, Aberdeen SD;  Mike Leesberg, Richland SD;  Rod Nuemann, Clarkson SD

6) Keynote Follow-up: Kinect in the Classroom 
More about using Kinect in the educational process.  Presenter:  Radu Burducea, Director of Eductation, Microsoft

7) Using VDI
Give teachers preview of new systems before deployment.  VDI - it's more than you think it is.  It does more than keep old systems alive.  Presenter:  Thuan Nguyen, Kent SD

8) "Ethically" Hacking School District Information Systems to Improve Security
You've heard of "White Hat" hackers?  We have one who will be sharing tools, techniques, and recommendations your district can use to improve your system and network security.  Included will be a case study of a North West School District who volunteered to allow their district to be "ethically" hacked to demonstrate how you can improve your district's IT security posture.  Presenter:  Jack Maynard, CISSP, CRISC, CCSK, CEH, HP Master Technical Consultant, HP Technology Consulting, IT Assurance

9) Maximizing E-Rate
Maximizing E-Rate - what can we say?!  You know you need to know this.  Come to this session and get some information about getting the most from your work!  Presenters:  Linda Curtis & Nicole Nokes, InterMountain ESD; Jill Stone, Puget Sound ESD

This open discussion forum will build on the interest of the membership.  Watch for the growing list of topics as those develop.  This is a great opportunity to network with peers about topics that are important to you.  Go to the ACPE moodle to make suggestions and vote on topics.  Attendees will decide!