Sponsor Guide

ACPE annual conference is a uniquely designed forum for K12 Technology Leaders in education and sponsors working in that field to interface in such a way that each party learns from the other. For times and dates associated with an upcoming conference, reference the Conference website which will be posted 30 days before the conference. In order to fully understand the benefits to your company see Sponsor Benefits. Also a summary of essential dates for the current conference see Sponsor Essential Dates.

Vendors may participate in ACPE through conference sponsorship. Once a vendor has fulfilled all the requirements for participation they will become a sponsor for the conference. The sponsors selected to participate in the ACPE conference are asked to focus on learning from the membership. This can only be accomplished by attending all events and sessions. It is through this engagement that you will learn what issues, problems and solutions K-12 school districts are seeking to support technology in their schools. All sponsors are encouraged to demonstrate and share their goods and services at the Sponsor Showcases on Wednesday (Gold/Platinum/Diamond) and Thursday (Platinum/Diamond).

Depending on the level of sponsorship, opportunities for exposure, recognition and discussion with attendees will vary. Conference sponsorship is intended to include related expenses, including food for hospitality, beverages, some lodging for vendor representative(s) and more. The fully inclusive sponsorship by levels eliminates "nickel-and-diming" for additional costs (e.g. lodging, on-site food, etc.) so sponsors can focus on delivery of products and have the ability to focus on the presentation of your showcase.

Sponsors attending the annual ACPE conference are invited to represent the goods and services their company offers the K-12 educational environment. Since we strive to connect the right sponsors with our membership needs, the sponsors that attend each year is a changing list. For those sponsors that have been selected there is an opportunity to enter at different sponsor levels. Those levels equate to different benefits, such as formal presentation time to location space. Sponsors that participated in the last conference have an early opt-in option. This sign-up time period is based on completion of an application and evaluation and fulfillment of a deposit.

It is the desire of the ACPE Board to give all sponsors satisfactory locations and opportunities to interface with our membership. However, the Board reserves the right to monitor and adjust the sponsors' participation based on the needs and desires of the ACPE membership. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to know and understand ALL timeline requirements.

Before you do that, it is important you and your organization understand all of the information we have posted. Signing up through our form means you do. Exceptions to these conditions will not be considered for any reason. It is what it is ;) If you have a concern, please contact a Board member or JB (jb@acpenw.org) who can explain our reasoning further.

If you have contact with an ACPE Board Member you should contact them now regarding your interest in becoming a sponsor and the sponsor level that best fits your needs.

If you do NOT have contact with an ACPE Board Member, please email the ACPE Manager - jb@acpenw.org with any questions you might have. These will be forwarded to an ACPE Board Member who will contact you!